28 June 2010

Mark Silipo's Art is what makes my GobSlob

I was recently at the 7 Evil One Exhibition (which I posted about here) where I was blown away by the amazing art of Mark Silipo. It fits the definition of this underused blog - It makes my GobSlob & it is "the new ugly."

His website Magic Sweater has most of (if not all of) the work that was in the exhibition (which has now finished) + more. I implore you to look at all of his art and then look again. He utilises some very messed up mandalas, which if meditated on would take you to Dimension 5 where the "Home Alone" stage musical is taking place right now staring Macaulay Culkin with his intestine protruding from his anus. Unfortunately you've lost the Dimension 5 keys three weeks ago, too bad.


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